Album Review: Minus The Bear, Acoustics II


Just so you know beforehand; I’m a huge Minus the Bear fan. They’re definitely my favorite band of all time, and I own all of their albums and have seen them live. So when they announced they were making another acoustic album, I was all in. The first one was amazing, and really breathed life into some of the older songs. It’s nice to hear songs re-arranged in a lighter tone, and they do that perfectly on this album. The two new songs, “Riddles” and “The Storm” are probably the best songs on the album, and makes you wonder what they would sound like on a “regular” MTB album. “Dayglow Vista Road” is another one of my favorites. When it originally showed up on the much maligned “OMNI” album, it was a bright spot on a way-too-overly-produced album. I’ve always loved that song, and I think the acoustic version really makes the song stronger.

To get pretty sappy for a minute, this was the perfect time for this release. The end of summer always sucks for me, a dive back into the boredom and cold of Fall/Winter. The golden tones of the acoustic guitar of the song soothe the pain of the shorter days and 5:30 sunsets. When you can no longer drive with your windows down, start playing “Acoustics II” and you’ll be thrown back in time to the dog days of summer.

My only complaint is that the album is too short. 7 songs? For a band that takes such a LONG time between albums, you’d think they’d at least give us a little bit more to quench our MTB specific thirst. I guess I’ll have to wait until they come to Baltimore in October to get my next fix. I’ll be the dude in the front row jamming out. In short, go out and buy this album. Whether it’s your first MTB album, or your 8th, you’ll enjoy it all the same.


– Ronnie Yates