Redskins/Packers Recap: Adventures in Broken Tackles


Remember how last week I said I wasn’t panicking? Well, throw that shit RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW. Some quick notes.

–        Who would you say was the best defender on Sunday? My vote would have to go to the touchdown pylon. A orange, possibly foam, rectangle played better defense than millionaire athletes we trot out there every Sunday. Dan Snyder just signed that pylon to a 6 year, 120 million dollar deal.

–        Remember when Pierre Garcon said this was the most explosive offense of all time? The only thing that exploded on Sunday was my blood pressure.

–        Hey, fantasy “experts”? Thanks for the advice on Fred Davis. He really has become a true playmaker this year (SHIT TONS O’ SARCASM). Chris Cooley and Jerry Smith he is not.

–        A few years ago there was a rumor that Lebron James wanted to switch to football and play tight end because duh. So it turns out Kevin Durant is a big Redskins fan. MAKE HIM TIGHT END NOW.

–        See ya never Brandon Merriweather.

–        The only thing that sucked more than the Redskins on Sunday was the announcing tandem. I despise Joe Buck. The dude just can’t announce. And don’t get me started on Troy “Lavar Arrington’s Bitch” Aikman. He is the least impartial announcer for sports. He picks on the Redskins no matter how well they were doing. Ugly piece of shit too.

Honestly though, I think the worst part of the game was just the feeling of all the air being let out of the season. I came into this season with high hopes (like I do every year, because I am a goddamn moron). Watching this team play is just depressing. The offense is dreadful. The defense couldn’t tackle a blind quadriplegic. But most of all the games are BORING. Where is the exciting team from last year? I suspect this all falls back on the RGKnee, but it’s hard to place all the blame on him. Depressingly people were calling for Cousins post-game. Like, a shit ton o’ people.  But they all are wrong.

Put in Colt Brennan.

– Ronnie Yates


When it Rains, It it Pours




– Mike Cramer

Comment us and let us know how long you think him and laich are gonna be out… already!)

Top 5 Players The Capitals Should Have Never Let Go (pt. 3)

– Viktor Kozlov


I understand that there’s a difference between intentionally trading a player away and the player retiring.  Nonetheless, the goal behind me writing this is to prove the point that regardless of the reason why we lost a player, the team for either physical or mental reasons, will miss the player.

So much in the same way that I saw Fedorov, I see Viktor Kozlov.  With such a young Capitals team during the 2007-2009 seasons, the veteran leadership that someone like Kozlov provided was absolutely vital to the growth of a team as a whole.

Pay close attention to what is said in this video around the 2:42 mark.

Obviously there is a joking nature in this video, but through it I feel it’s a very clear example of Ovechkin actually respecting someone.  This is one of the few occasions where I can see a group of Capitals interacting in such a close knit way, and I attribute much of this to the “father like” figure Kozlov exhibited, for not only the young Russians on the team, but for the entire team in general.

As much as I feel Viktor was a vital presence in the locker room, I feel he was just as important to the team on the ice.  His first season with the Caps he finished with 54 points, comparatively higher than the likes of Semin and Laich, and a plus minus of 28 was tied with Ovechkin for the highest on the team.

As proud as I am to say that Viktor ended his brilliant career with the Capitals, I can still say with all confidence that his presence on the team is missed.

– Mike Cramer

Album Review: Minus The Bear, Acoustics II


Just so you know beforehand; I’m a huge Minus the Bear fan. They’re definitely my favorite band of all time, and I own all of their albums and have seen them live. So when they announced they were making another acoustic album, I was all in. The first one was amazing, and really breathed life into some of the older songs. It’s nice to hear songs re-arranged in a lighter tone, and they do that perfectly on this album. The two new songs, “Riddles” and “The Storm” are probably the best songs on the album, and makes you wonder what they would sound like on a “regular” MTB album. “Dayglow Vista Road” is another one of my favorites. When it originally showed up on the much maligned “OMNI” album, it was a bright spot on a way-too-overly-produced album. I’ve always loved that song, and I think the acoustic version really makes the song stronger.

To get pretty sappy for a minute, this was the perfect time for this release. The end of summer always sucks for me, a dive back into the boredom and cold of Fall/Winter. The golden tones of the acoustic guitar of the song soothe the pain of the shorter days and 5:30 sunsets. When you can no longer drive with your windows down, start playing “Acoustics II” and you’ll be thrown back in time to the dog days of summer.

My only complaint is that the album is too short. 7 songs? For a band that takes such a LONG time between albums, you’d think they’d at least give us a little bit more to quench our MTB specific thirst. I guess I’ll have to wait until they come to Baltimore in October to get my next fix. I’ll be the dude in the front row jamming out. In short, go out and buy this album. Whether it’s your first MTB album, or your 8th, you’ll enjoy it all the same.


– Ronnie Yates

Top 5 Players The Capitals Should Have Never Let Go (pt 2)

In continuation of the list of Caps that left our great city too soon, I present to you…

–       Tomas Fleischmann

Hockey: First day of Capitals training camp

THE FLASH!  What else needs to be said!

Okay… maybe a little.

Tomas Fleischmann was never the “FLASHIEST” of players, and his numbers were never out of this world, however I think one thing needs to be said about said about his career with the capitals.  In the better part of 5 years that he spent in the Capitals organization (both Hershey and Washington), he was all about the team.  Toping out at 23 goals in the in the 2009-10 season, I think it’s poignant to note that he added five more to that number in assists, with 28.  If it weren’t for Nicklas Backstrom, there’s no doubt in my mind that Tomas would have been the go to play maker on the team over several seasons, up until his trade to Avalanche towards the end of the 2010-11 season.  Since his departure from the Capitals, Tomas has racked up 47 goals in three seasons, one of which he only played 48 games, and another where he only played 22 (traded mid season).  His most productive year to date, a 27 goal, 61 point season with the Florida Panthers, the season AFTER we traded him.  To put those numbers in comparison, in that season, his numbers were higher than those of Nicklas Backstrom, Jason Chimera, Marcus Johansson, Brooks Laich, Dennis Wideman and Alexander Semin; as well as falling only 4 short from the team leading, Alex Ovechkin.

He’s for every one of us.

Stand for everyone of us

He saves with a mighty hand.

Flash… a-ah.

– Mike Cramer